Facilities Overview

Photo of Electrochemical Research Instrumentation Facility


The CEC maintains a unique user electrochemical research instrumentation facility, allowing researchers from the University of Texas and visitors access to instrumentation and expert help in electrochemical studies. In a single location, the facility makes available electrochemical instruments such as potentiostats, scanning electrochemical microscopes, impedance analyzers, optical profilers, etc., for studying intermediates on electrode surfaces and device test equipment. The CEC facility complements extensive nearby facilities at UT Austin’s Texas Materials Institute (TMI).

The CEC facility is primarily used by CEC research groups and is also available as a user facility for other Texas universities and colleges. A full-time facility manager maintains the facility and assists visitors.

Industrial Affiliate companies may obtain access to these facilities. In some cases, CEC personnel may be able to do measurements for these companies and return data.

The facility is located in Welch Hall, rooms 2.404 and 2.406. 

To schedule time on any of the instruments, please contact our facility manager.


Joy ChEN

Facility Instrument & Calendars

New Addition to the Facility

Horiba ViewSizer 3000
Multispectral Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis