Electrochemistry research and training at UT Austin receives support from multiple sources, among them the National Science Foundation, Keck Foundation, Department of Energy and private philanthropic sources, such as the Welch Foundation.

Welch Foundation

The Texas-based Welch Foundation has generously supported electrochemistry research at UT for decades. Among numerous faculty affiliated with the center who have received Welch Foundation support are the following:

  • Arumugam Manthiram, who directs a robust research group in electrochemical energy technologies with an emphasis on rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, solar cells and supercapacitators. Manthiram seeks to develop efficient, cost-effective materials for these clean-energy technologies.

  • Delia Milliron, whose world-renowned research focuses on the chemical synthesis and assembly of nanostructured electronic and electrochemical materials. Among her well-known innovations is the development of a novel, energy-efficient smart window coating technology.

  • Hang Ren, whose research uses scanning electrochemical probe microscopy to study fundamental electrocatalytic processes for energy storage and conversion.

  • Guihua Yu, whose energy nanomaterials research group has accomplished such feats as creating a self-watering soil that uses super moisture absorbing gels to capture and repurpose water from the air.